chk43 (chk43) displays system and database status with an easy to understand smiling dashboard.
Data are collected with simple shell scripts. This allows to collect and show all kind of statistics.
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This short document contains information about chk43:


chk43 usage is easy!

Use Your favourite browser and navigate to the chk43 Home Page (see SETUP).
Choose a server set in the login page and press Go button...

Login Page

You can see the main global status dashboard. There are several statistic available on running systems or on hystorical data.
The full list of available statistics and graphs' pages is reported in this file.


chk43 displays useful reports and statistics on System and Database status. chk43 is easy!

Data collection architecture is quite easy. Each monitored system must perform a script (scheduled by crontab) every ten minutes. The script is quite fast, uses OS commands, works on Linux/Unix (eg. Solaris) and put results on a shared file system. The agent script is called... agent.
There is a data collection script called... collector. The collector script collect data from the shared file system and put that on a MySQL database.
Easy, isn't it?

chk43 is the web "graphical" interface. chk43 architecture is quite easy. chk43 is a PHP program that uses both Open Flash Chart v.2.0.8 and SWFObject v.2.1 to display those fancy charts.
Most important pages are:
index.php Main page: performs login then data collection and charts display. index.php uses frames to call reports or statistics.
config.php Default configuration file. Most chk43 features are configurable (eg. which statistic must be displayed and where) User configuration file (eg. MySQL server parameters) Overrides config.php parameters
cron.php Cron data collection. Performs data collection and statistics cleanup on enabled MySQL servers

chk43 uses two MySQL tables: test.chk_stat and test.chk_stat_old (the default support database is test but it can be changed in file). The database structure is documented in this file. cron.php script collects a lot of useful statistics every 10 minutes


chk43 setup is easy!

Download the software, Unzip the downloaded file and copy all its contents in your httpd data directory (eg. /var/www/html/chk43). This directory will be Your chk43 Home Page!
Initial setup can be easly performed copying into and configuring connection parameters to Your MySQL server.

Default configuration is fine for most databases. Configuration is performed updating "" file ( contains serveral options).
For a full list of configurable parameters see config.php default configuration file.
That's all! To use chk43 access with http://yourServer.yourDomain/chk43.
The very first time You connect to a database statistical tables do not exist. Running a data collection automatically creates them.

Automatic data collection and clean-up is easly performed adding the following line in the crontab file:


There is no in the distribution!
	Since contains user configuration details
	it is not included in the distribution to avoid problems.
	If it is the first time You use it
	rename/copy to
	and configure connection parameters

The graphs are empty!
	Have You configured MySQL connection parameters? Check them!

	The very first time You connect to a database statistical
	tables do not exist. Running a data collection automatically
	creates them.

I have a lot of strange errors like: "mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument"...
	Can You access and create table into the test MySQL database?
	You can to change the support database configuring the $cfg['DB'] parameter


It's an ALPHA release! Many needed features should be added...
Known iussues and missing functionalities:

Despite those things chk43 is easy to setup and to customize to perform ad hoc queries and to show them in a nice dashboard


Most important steps:


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Pubblic License for more details.

chk43 documentation and sources are available on: Meo's online technical documentation. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Text: chk43

Date: 1 Apr 2009

Version: 0.0.0 - 1 Apr 2009